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You might have chosen the medical route and been to the doctor’s lately got some testing performed but everything came back normal.

Perhaps you tried the natural approach and recently saw a nutritionist or naturopath and although the recommendations worked initially, you find your problem is still bugging you.

So after what feels like wasted time, effort and money you are probably feeling a tad frustrated in the ability to get to the bottom of your health issue.

You see both of the above examples of frustration are due to the fact that most people get treated allopathically.  Whether you chose the medical route or the natural approach you were unfortunately treated in a one-size-fits-all model. That means that the person before you and the person after you with those exact same health complaints were all treated the same.

So the doctor with his drugs for osteoporosis or a drug for a thyroid problem is almost the exact same approach the natural health practitioner follows with their herbs or supplements for those exact same problems. It’s a symptom-orientated approach that often neglects the cause behind the condition.

And on top of that it is NOT how the body works.

If you feel a certain way or have a particular condition it is because your body physiology is not working properly. It is important that you understand that the problem is not a drug or a herb or supplement deficiency.

There are indeed answers to your problems, but they typically don’t lay in that allopathic, one-size-fits-all, this-for-that approach. There is just too much variability in human metabolisms for any single approach to work for everyone! We are all just too unique. It has to be based on your metabolism.

So you are right, your body does hold the answers. It’s just perhaps not currently being examined, tested and analysed in a very scientific, accurate or individualised fashion.

There would be many clues in what you have already done up until this point. Possibly the information collected by your therapist was either not complete or that it was interpreted incorrectly. In fact I find it’s usually a combination of the two.

That’s where I come in to help you. I gather info through detailed questionnaires where we examine all your symptoms. We look into past tests that you might have run or we add to those tests with additional missing markers or we suggest new and more appropriate testing.

I have found that proper assessment and testing along with a personalised protocol is what gets results.

Discover What Systems and Organs Are Under Stress In Your Body

If you would like to delve deeper into why you have a particular problem, feel free to complete our FREE Health Check Questionnaire, valued at $97.

By answering this questionnaire it will help you to identify what all your symptoms mean to the inside of your body.

There is a lot of information on this web site for each of the topics contained in the health check questionnaire. So after you have done your questionnaire you can then check out what some of your answers mean and why you have those symptoms in the first place.

I also offer you a FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss the findings of your questionnaire. I have found that even just a few minutes with a person, I can quite accurately and efficiently turn things around for them. There is no obligation on your behalf and this service is totally free.

So the good news is there are answers for you.

Go to your FREE questionnaire (valued at $97) – here.


Kind Regards,

Brent Daisley