Body and Home Makeover

This Must-Do Program Helps Balance Your Body Chemistry By Addressing Your Nutritional And Toxin Issues – 2 Of The Main Issues Of Why You Are Not Feeling Well

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Toxin Assessment and Test

Accurately Assess And Test How Toxic Your Body Is

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Immune Digestion, Hormones and Parasites

Neat Little Lab Tests That Determine How Well You Are Functioning In These Critical Areas Of Health

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Blood Chemistry Interpretation and Food Sensitivity Testing

Don’t Feel Your GP Is Getting To The Bottom Of Your Health Challenges - Check This Out

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Taking your Uniqueness into Account

If you need help on How to Improve your Health, then you can visit Sydney Holistic Lifestyle Centre's clinic to acquire the best advise.


Everything you need to know

How Do These Programs Work?

You can do these programs from any corner of the world. You will receive a manual containing the series of tasks you must do. These tasks are what will lead you to better health. Each task is easy to do just follow the steps as laid out in the order they appear.

What Do I Need?

You just need a computer (PC or Mac) and an email address. A printer is also preferable. The printer is to print your manual you receive. This manual serves as your personalised GPS to success.

Where’s The Best Place To Start?

Your first stop should be your Unlock More From Life Foundation Level Health Program with Metabolic Typing™. It addresses things in your life that you never thought of and it covers ALL the bases – diet, foods, exercise, toxins, kitchen, bathroom, personal care products, sleep, hydration, everything. It sets your foundation for your future health. You are of course welcome to do any of our programs as they all offer incredible results but your Unlock More From Life Foundation Level Health Program with Metabolic Typing™ is what we recommend first and foremost.

Are People Delighted With Their Results?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone that touches their program has enjoyed success. See What People Are Saying.

Does It Come With a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We stand by our claims. 60 day satisfaction guarantee is your security.

Latest News from Health and Medical

How To Detoxify Your Body and Keep It That Way

One of the most important things you can do for your body is to clear it of accumulated toxins. Toxins disrupt just about every metabolic process inside your body. To have clear skin, a positive mind and better energy toxins need to be addressed in your quest for better health.

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Grains & Gluten

Following our Paleolithic ancestors, our Neolithic ancestors lost an average of six inches in height. Most people now have those last 5-10 with blue sky backgroundpounds that seem impossible lose. The causes for both, surprisingly, may be the same.

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500 COPIES TO GIVE AWAY (Valued $29.95)

Download yourself an Exclusive Copy Now... "TRUE HEALTH" Fire Your Doctor, Get More Energy,

Unlock The Secrets To Your Metabolism & Live A Longer, Happier Life.

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What People Are Saying

  • "All the diets I have tried and I never knew there was one out there with my name on it".

    Marie Phipps
  • "That Metabolic Typing diet kicks some serious but. I have tried everything, and believe me when I say everything. I have not been hungry once, I feel like I eat like a horse, yet my jeans continue to fit me better and better. It doesn´t make sense, but who cares because it works".

    Suzie Binoto
  • "1 step, 2 step, 3 steps health".

    Tammy Wright
  • "I wanted to change my diet and start a more suitable exercise regime to get my body looking and feeling better. My goal was to get a cut body and to get rid of my belly fat. After 10 weeks on my program, I now feel much healthier and I have noticed the dramatic change in my body shape. Without this program correct for my metabolism I reckon I would have been chasing these goals like a dog chasing its tail. I used to suffer from pretty poor energy at work in the afternoons, but now have good energy levels all the way through the day, which has made a real difference. I feel the results I have obtained were a really good result. If you want to literally change your life in how you look and feel this program is definitely it. It´s a lot of fun too. The program becomes your own personal success guide . Just do what I did...follow what it says! It certainly worked for me".

    Ricky Tenorio
  • "To be able to do it from my own home made all the difference".

    Jenny Wong
  • "I wish I had found this years ago".

    Joel Beard
  • "I got involved in this program because I was finding it hard to motivate myself to exercise, fatigued, suffering from tension and to avoid gaining weight over winter. After doing my initial intake I could see areas where my diet and exercise was incorrect for my metabolism and body type and changes were made. Instantly I saw improvements in my sleep, stress levels and body shape. My allergies also improved. The program has been easy to follow and maintain. My energy levels have improved dramatically".

    Rachel Gilmore
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you".

    Sarah Hill
  • "I think you have done an excellent job in putting this program together. Everybody needs to do this program".

    Andrew Clements
  • "I have noticed a considerable improvement in my health by following your recommendations".

    Steven Bray
  • "This is look and feel good health on overdrive".

    Matthew Flemings
  • "I have been blown away by how much you can actually eat on this program and still lose weight. I guess the secret lies in my approved foods. Oh and by the way I love having butter back in my life. Keep up the good work as its fantastic".

    Angela Beck
  • "That amazing little questionnaire...who would have thought? Nothing short of amazing".

    Bill Timmins
  • "I suffered terribly from constant fatigue, digestion problems and just felt awful. I just didn't understand why I felt this way and had been seeking treatment for years with no resolution. After starting the program, my energy levels soared. The supplements recommended for my digestive issues also gave great results. Finally no more bloating or looking like I was pregnant. I now jump into my day rather than dragging myself out of bed. I have more energy and feel so much better which has made all the difference in playing with my 5 grandchildren. It really did give me my life back".

    Chris Hammond
  • "This goes way beyond just a diet. I had no idea about all the bad stuff I was doing to my health. No wonder I felt and looked the way I did. My approach to health has changed forever. I reckon I did find out the truth. I will never look at another diet product or latest gimmick ever again".

    Cherie Dawson
  • "I was very depressed and was on medication for it with little improvement. My energy levels were frustratingly low making life very unenjoyable. After I started eating according to my Metabolic Type my health showed immediate improvements. I now feel 100%. I jump into my day with enthusiasm; I have a new girlfriend and even got a promotion at work. All in all a life changing event for me. How has this affected my life? Where do I start - new girlfriend, new role at work, back into my favourite sports after years of not wanting to. I now hold a lot of hope for my future, and just feel great. No matter what your particular problem, this program will give you the information and methods that can make the difference".

    Con Hysaj
  • "I had no energy, suffered from terrible acne, and had given up on life. Everything seemed too hard. After starting my program, my energy returned and my complexion greatly improved which helped me a lot with my confidence.

    Now, I'm back at the gym, I've started new projects like expanding my hair dressing business and am enjoying my life again. This approach and step-by-step action plan is like nothing I had ever tried. And it worked just like he said it would".

    Lyndle Bryan
  • "These steps changed my life".

    Brian McRoberts
  • "OMG that food list. If I eat my right foods I feel good. If I eat my bad foods I feel bad. It´s a no brainer. The difference between a banana and a strawberry and how it makes me feel. I would have never found this out for myself, never in a million years. My food list is my saviour".

    Kerrie Smith
  • "After completing my program I can now clearly see the path most people are on and why they feel so terrible as a result. I myself was one of them. The manual was a God-send. I simply couldn´t have done it without my guide. All I had to do was follow the steps. It really was much easier than I anticipated. And others teach us that health is hard...hmmmmm, maybe that´s what they want us to think?"

    Bryan Walsh
  • "I have spent over $2,000 on personal training in the last 12 odd weeks. I have been doing this program now for 3 weeks after I found it on the net and the difference has been like chalk and cheese. This has it all, it works and it´s all mine".

    Rebecca Craft
  • "My husband and I have been eating the same for years. It wasn´t until we both got Metabolically Typed that we realised how different we both were. I was a little keener than Geoff and jumped into the program straight away. I could feel the difference within just a few meals. Geoff noticed how much better I looked and I could feel the change in my own health. My sleep was better, my skin which had always troubled me was much better and I had way more energy than I use to. Seeing all this Geoff finally jumped on board with his program and he too could feel the difference. I was probably the one who saw the most change in him...all of a sudden he was back into his hobbies. He wouldn´t admit that it was the program, but nice to see him busy and not so moody all the time. I will say I will never be without Metabolic Typing and the steps we covered in our program. It has certainly helped us".

    Geoff and Cassandra Hewit
  • "I have done a few health building programs and this one just blows it out of the water when it comes to the total approach. It really did teach me what health means for me and the advice was friendly, easy to follow and it just works".

    Ben Kuma
  • "Those supplements are amazing. I was killing myself slowly with caffeine (almost had it intravenously fed) but the foods and adrenal supplements work great. I can now finally unplug myself from the coffee machine and not die in a heap by my desk. A big thank you".

    Susana McAlees
  • "Before I got involved in the program I was tired all the time, was having more and more trouble controlling my weight, and had this horrible energy dip in the afternoon. I had forced myself into rather poor health at the age of 41. After I found out what health means for me, I now have a more structured approach to my health, especially in regards to my diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I am now feeling younger than ever and get comments all the time, even by total strangers. And no more starving myself to death with a crazy workout schedule to maintain the body shape I want, yay! The program really teaches you all you need to know on how to get healthy and stay that way and it´s so personalised. It´s an approach to my health I will carry with me for life. It just works".

    Cheryl King
  • “Our greatest strength lies in our ability to never give up. The most certain way to succeed is to find out the truth. This program does indeed give you the answers...and it will change your life just like it has mine”.

    Carolyn Ryan
  • "Our greatest strength lies in our ability to never give up. The most certain way to succeed is to find out the truth. This program does indeed give you the answers...and it will change your life just like it has mine".

    Carolyn Lindenmayer
  • "I have spent thousands of dollars elsewhere trying to get what I got here with half the cost and in half the time. And for once I have managed to stay healthy. It's my program for life".

    Mary Gallop
  • "I always thought health was just not for me. I knew I had problems I had to address but I just didn't know how to go about doing it. I ignored my health for a long time. Having poor energy and so busy all the time meant that I could never really give it the attention I knew it deserved.

    29 steps later I don't even recognise myself. Health is now part of my life when I never thought it would be. Everything was there in my guide...all I had to do was follow the steps".

    Bob Newington
  • "I had no idea this approach even existed. I have been seeing a nutritionist for years and she has not mentioned even half of the things I needed to be doing".

    Shelley Timms
  • "This was such a great program. I have seen my girlfriends muck around with other approaches and really they all struggle to maintain the regime. I keep telling them what I am doing but they don't seem to see the forest through the trees".

    Bernadette Cole