Why Am I Bloated?

Why Am I BloatedWhy am i bloated? Nothing worse than abdominal bloating. It’s uncomfortable and it makes your pants tighter than they otherwise would be. It can cause you to cover up in certain ways, restrict you in the clothes you wear. It makes all the effort you put into your exercise and lifestyle feel such a waste of time and it does nothing for your quest for a flat, lean tummy.

But why does it happen in the first place?  Well there are several reasons for why you might be bloated and suffer from that dreaded ‘pooch belly’.

The most common cause of abdominal bloating is foods incorrect for your metabolism. Due to different ancestral heritages we all have different requirements for foods.

If you eat a food incorrect for your metabolism then you will more than likely suffer from abdominal bloating. Why? Because your body isn’t really designed to digest those foods. They therefore go largely undigested, able to feed ‘opportunistic’ organisms such as Candida which creates further gut dysbiosis (imbalance) and so even more of a pooch belly look.

Another cause can be common food items such as dairy and breads. The high processing nature of these products results in a product that is very hard to digest. Milk has been pasteurised (cooked) and homogenised (high pressure screening) resulting in a product devoid of many of the natural ingredients necessary to digest the original food. For instance pasteurisation kills the enzyme lactase, which is necessary to digest the lactose.

Breads are also highly processed and the end product is a far cry from the original grain it came from. Flours are particularly hard on the body. The surface area of the original grain to make the flour has increased by around 10,000 times. The end result is something like dry cement hitting a wet wall when the flour meets with the inside of your body. The dry cement is the flour and the wet wall is your inner mucous membrane – your wet ‘inner-skin’. It has a very similar effect greatly limiting the body’s ability to digest the food.

In addition, the inability to digest something results in inflammation. And as a result of the inflammation there is pain, so the body turns down the nerve signals in that region of pain, otherwise you would be keeling over in unbearable discomfort. These same nerves also communicate with your stomach muscles and less ‘nerve feed’ equals less muscle activation so the stomach muscles relax and so the stomach extends to form that ‘pooch belly’ look. All the sit-ups and crunches in the world will not result in a flat stomach. You have to address the imbalance.

Abdominal bloating may also be the reason why you may have a sore lower back, as the same nerves are also turned down feeding your lower back muscles resulting in less spinal stability and more wear and tear and so more pain.

A good thing to try if you suffer from abdominal bloating is some digestive aids and some probiotics. The former will help you to digest your foods better and the latter will provide better intestinal balance. When you suffer from abdominal bloating often the bad guys can be winning the war against the good guys in terms of the flora and fauna that resides in your gut, so probiotics helps to tip the scales back in favour of the good guys.

After seeing scores of clients with abdominal bloating I have noticed the approach back to better health is different for each person. It takes a thorough investigation of their diet, metabolism and habits and a plan put together for their recovery, specific to them. One of the best ways to help your abdominal bloating issues is to get Metabolically Typed. That is to find out what foods your body naturally wants to digest. Those foods are different for each person.

“I suffered terribly from constant fatigue, digestion problems and just felt awful. I just didn’t understand why I felt this way and had been seeking treatment for years with no resolution. After starting the program, my energy levels soared. The supplements recommended for my digestive issues also gave great results. Finally no more bloating or looking like I was pregnant. I now jump into my day rather than dragging myself out of bed. I have more energy and feel so much better which has made all the difference in playing with my 5 grandchildren. It really did give me my life back”.

 Chris Hammond

If you would like to discover a proven path to find out what is the best diet to address your bloating, then you will want to have a look at the following program – http://www.theholisticlifestylecentre.com/unlock-more-from-life . It is quickly becoming the industry standard for the treatment of abdominal bloating. It is a 100% personalised program that gets results every time.

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